The SMConfb16 Call for Presentations is in full swing. With an audience of startup founders, business executives and students, we'll need you to thrill them with awesome presentations in areas such a
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How to talk to humans: a different approach to soft skills
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Developers are trained to communicate to things with a goal in mind. When you’re talking to a computer, you type in your code and it responds by giving you back what you want. Simple and straightforward. When talking to people? Not always the case. Why? Because talking to people requires a special set of skills - namely, empathy and a little bit of storytelling. In an industry filled with brilliant minds, great ideas and mass disruption, so few of the best and brightest know how to tell their compelling story. This talk teaches you how
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Culture, community, tech trends, business or innovative talks are a perfect fit for the Silicon Mountain Conference. Talks should be about informing, inspiring and delighting attendees.

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