Application for Booths/Stands for SMCONF2016 is live and in full swing. Apply to get a booth/stand to showcase your products and services, reach out to a larger audience, and meet potential investors, customers,etc. Deadline To Apply For A Booth Is 11:59 PM Of Saturday, June 11th 2016.
Apply for booths if you fulfill the following criteria;

Organization should have a working product
Organization should have a working brand
Organization should be coming to SMCONF2016 with branding materials viz roll
up poster(s), business cards, brochure/flyers
Organization staff should be dressed in branded T-shirts or professional attires. 
Name of Start-up or Company *

Please give us the proper name in full of your start-up or company
Founder/Co-founder/CEO/Manager *

Provide founder or co-founders name of your start-up, CEO or Manager name of your company
Start-up or Company website link *

Provide the URL to your website that best present your brand
Provide a social media profile of your start-up or company *

Provide a social media profile that best present your brand, products, and services
Provide a primary phone number

Submit an active phone number that we can reach you
Location or Address of Company or Start-up *

Provide a precise address of the location of your company or Start-up
Are you applying as a start-up or a company *

start-ups will pair two pair booth for a fee of 30,000 XAF and companies will have a booth per company for a fee of 100,000 XAF

Brief summary of start-up or product or company *

provide a concise description of your start-up or your company, your services, and product(s)
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